Whether you are a Product Designer, a UX Content Strategist, a UX designer, or some other variation on that theme, 2019 is looking like it’ll be a great year for the industry. While I still don’t think this will be the year we agree on a common term to describe where each individual fit or would like to call themselves, I do think we’ll see growth and cohesion. Here are a couple trend predictions for 2019. The UX industry is going to experience a growth like never before. That’s why you have forward-looking design companies like at Facebook, HP, Microsoft, and Shopify have known for years the value a UX writer or content strategist can bring, and have been filling up their headcount accordingly with the best UX content writers.

But recently, older companies like IBM and DELL have seen the clarity and consistency of having a UX writer and what they can bring to the language and information hierarchy of a product. I don’t have industry-wide headcount numbers in front of me, but from my research online and information from peers in the same industry as me, I see so much growth and the future certainly looks very bright for those who have decided to take up this profession as a career to pursue.

Traditionally, most UX Writers come from marketing, as an extension of efforts to message and promote digital products and features within products. But as design systems become more important to web and digital product, the need for a strong UX-focused language strategy will grow, too. That’s why UX writers are increasingly being organized into design teams to make it easier to collaborate with visual and interaction designers. And I think its a trend that will only continue to grow as we head into next year.