What is the true definition of a UI Designer?
So often I get asked what and who is a UI designer "User Interface"? And if I am being honest I never really knew how to answer this question when put forward to me until recently when an agency contacted me for a freelance work. The job description read UI Designer with more detailed information of what was required of me. Now I studied software engineering and made the transition into design because of my love of being a part of the creative process not one to work on other peoples designs. So when I took the job I quickly realized this agency had no idea what the role of a UI designer was. While working on the project i realized I was also required to do the work of a UI developer. Now UI designer in a layman’s term means “ someone who designs the look and feel of an application after applying the necessary UX research data given to them by a User experience designer to improve a users interaction with the said application.
In other words your job is to design the interface which generally involves, navigations, buttons, pick the right colors and fonts, usability function, Interactive Prototype mockups, home page layouts, basically you are responsible for the GUI “ Graphic user interface” of what the user sees and will interact with when it is sent over to a UI developer which we will get into in a bit.

I have seen a lot of times where a UI designer gets mistaken for a UI Developer and is forced to do the job of the latter. I think every designer should learn one or more programming language along with basic HTML and CSS to better help them understand frontend design and its principles. But we shouldn’t forget the main role and function for each discipline.

Now to who is a UI developer? A UI developer is one who takes the design of a UI designer and translates the design into a functioning application which the end user will interact with when it goes live on a web server. UI designers generally deal with graphical applications while UI developers are frontend and backend engineers for better use of words.
But it isn’t uncommon to find a UI designer assuming the role and job of a developer as most people don’t even know the real definition of each discipline and as the tech industry evolves we will find this professions being integrated into various other fields as a company deems it necessary.

So why do you need a UI designer? Well it’s simple, every company needs an interface design to help communicate ideas and product to their customers. Let’s put it like this, if you logged into a web or mobile application and you can't find a product or the contact page for support, the web page is all over the place without any form of hierarchy or cohesion, you are more likely to move to the next competitor. This is where a UI designer comes in to make the GUI and experience of the customer a better one.
So if you are wondering what is a UI designer and why should I get into this profession? You just need to look at your phone and the applications you generally interact with everyday. A UI designer is responsible for the visuals and design you make use off. Also UI designers are in the top 5 tech in demand jobs in the U.S with an average salary of $120k.